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I received a email today from someone asking me if 1-Click Book Creation would be suitable for creating coloring books, journals, and that kind of thing. Absolutely, says I. It’s good for pretty much anything book-related and, can be adapted as you see fit. However, that email was also the catalyst for me to pull my finger-out with regards to 1-Click Coloring Books, a new app I have lined-up.

Now, before all you lovely fellow Brits beat on me for my spelling, I know it’s colouring and not coloring, but I’m appealing to my main market and SEO, that kind of thing. So, coloring books it is.

I did initially start creating 1-Click Coloring Books as a totally new application, but decided this morning to incorporate it into 1-Click Book Creation for now. Yes, I might develop it as a separate app at a later stage, but I’ve sat on this for a little too long for it to remain comfortable.

So, what is 1-Click Coloring Books?

Well (and despite what Conrad says about ‘1-click’ on the sales page of 1-Click Email Marketing), once you’ve entered your book details, 1-click and your coloring book is created. Yes, you do have to do some tidying up, but we’re publishing a book… you have to give your readers the best experience possible and with any book, let alone those where images need to be professional, crystal-clear, and easy to colour.

But, it’s far less painful than a non-fiction or even a fiction book. In the video below, I show you how easy it is to do.

Bear in mind that I’ve only really had today to do most of the coding, it’s still very much rough draft (as the video shows, I’ve still got checkpoints in my code), and not even ready for beta testing yet/

Yes, it will come with video training. Yes, it will be added as a no extra cost addition to those who already have the Pro and Pro client versions. Yes, I’m probably going to build journals, calendars, and other ‘stuff’ into it at some point in the future. And yes, the price is going to go up. So, get in now if you want it at the cheapest price.

Please watch the video below:

Quick and Easy Coloring Book Business

Also, if you don’t know how to design coloring book images, Shawn Hansen has some superb training on the subject (click here to view her training). I purchased this training when she first released it towards the end of April (2016).

It isn’t a training course in the usual sense of the word, it’s a course to actually build a business. That’s the difference. Shawn runs 4 sessions and the material is excellent (especially the Illustrator and PhotoShop training – she show you exactly what you have to do. 1 of her tips alone saved me hours and hours of work).

  1. Session #1: Quick & Easy BRANDING 
  2. Session #2: Quick & Easy FUNNELS
  3. Session #3: Quick & Easy DESIGNS
  4. Session #4: Quick & Easy SALES

As Shawn points out early on in her training, you need to establish a regular schedule to achieve business success. The image below is from her first session, and she recommends publishing every 3-4 weeks at first.

Coloring Books - a regular schedule is essential

Just think how quickly you can do them with 1-Click Book Creation!

Check out Shawn’s training to build your Quick and Easy Coloring Book Business

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Russ, I never knew it was possible to create colouring books with one-click software! I have to be honest and say I’ve not got any ideas how to create a colouring book, so it sounds like this software combined with Shawn’s training is the perfect starting point. Thank you.

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      You’re welcome, Sarah. It isn’t possible at the moment, but it will be next week (it’s still in test mode). You still have to create the images independently, but when you think it probably takes a minute or so to insert them into Word, my software will save the authors hours. As mentioned, I hope to roll this update out next week.

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      It will indeed, Shan. I purchased Shawn Hansen’s coloring book course a while ago and have only just had the time to start looking into adding this. I thought I was there, but ‘messed’ up on the coloring book trim sizes to select from; an easy change to make in the application, but it means I have to redo the other material also (videos mainly), and that takes a little longer.
      However, in tests, I created an 186-page coloring book in around 3-4 minutes (images done, of course). Just need to make some final tweaks to get it all to work.

  2. Can’t wait to get this!
    I bought Bill Platt’s ‘Colouring Books for Adults’ course in August of last year, and it has sat on my hard drive until now. I can only thank you for helping me dig this up from the doldrums. I’ll be rereading it and putting the methods to good use with 1-click.

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      That’s great, Kaye. It’s amazing what we can find on our hard drives when we dig deep enough. I don’t know what Bill recommends in his course (I’ve bought 1 or 2 of his material in the past and it’s always of the highest quality), but Kaleidoscope Kreator 3 is a great piece of software for base and other designs. It’s the one I’m using and is both quick and easy to use. I look forward to seeing some of your creations. Many thanks.

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