Month: May 2016

Create and Publish a Book Using Microsoft Word Video Training

If you want to create and publish a book using Microsoft Word then I’ve got a real treat for you. In 2015, I created the ‘Create and Publish a Book Using Microsoft Word Video Training video training course’ to do just that. However, I must point out that it does use the Microsoft Word application that I created called 1-Click Book Creation to do this. The good news is, you can get both bundled together for a steal of a price. 1-Click Book Creation – the Easiest Way to Create and Publish a Book Using Microsoft Word 1-Click Book Creation is...

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Working with Microsoft Word Images Video Course

The Working with Word Cover Images report covers the basics of ensuring your cover image is the correct size for Word and for inserting one way, but there are other things you might want to do. For example, you may want to have text on your cover page, you might want to work with Word’s own cover creator, or you might want to work with images behind the text. Our Microsoft Word Images video training course helps here. The training course consists of the 9 videos show below. This is over 1 hour of content and has all you’ll ever need...

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The Learn Thai Alphabet application

The Learn Thai Alphabet application’s history goes [way] back to 2012, when we wrote and published our second book, Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure on CreateSpace and Kindle. Initially, its title was Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure, but sales weren’t so great so we added a keyword string that people actually searched for to the title. Also at that time, I dusted off my old Adobe Flash skills and tried to create a web app to do the very same thing – I failed miserably. Flash had changed so much since the ‘Macromedia...

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Learn Thai Alphabet Flashcards

A great way to learn the Thai alphabet (or any alphabet for that matter), is to use flashcards. Of course, it all depends on your learning style as some prefer to read books, others prefer video, and even more like interactive applications where you can use multiple senses to help embed that knowledge while learning. We’ve got most of these covered and, to help you with learning Thai, we created our our set of learn Thai alphabet flashcards. Your download is below, but just a quick note on the Thai alphabet and Thailand… Learning Thai and Thailand As you...

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1-Click Thesis – Microsoft Word application

1-Click Thesis is another Word application which harnesses the power of Microsoft Word. This time, as the title suggests, it’s a Word app to help academics create, format, and publish their studies using Word. Whether it’s an essay, a thesis, or a dissertation, 1-Click Thesis covers it. Here’s a quick video which shows you exactly what it can do: [youtube id=”wqUl2hQtE10″] As you can see, the setup and creation is practically done for you. Out of the box, 1-Click Thesis is setup for APA style. However, swapping the academic style is literally 1-click twice (okay, 2 clicks ;)), so...

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