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If your organisation uses MS Word and your team aren't using it as it should be used, which is (in my experience) about 95%+ of businesses I come into contact with, then improving your documents has a number of benefits:
  • It makes it easier for your team to use
  • They become more efficient
  • It looks more professional
And, if you wanted to invest in your business, I can even create bespoke video training to complement the documentation. This
  • Trains your team
  • Establishes trust
  • Shows you value your employees
  • Becomes part of your employee on-boarding (gets them up-to-speed faster)
  • Is a total win-win for you and your company.
Here's how I've helped some clients (click on Testimonials , here, or in the menu bar, above, to view more):
If you think I can, feel free to get in touch (here).
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My name is Russ Crowley and welcome to my website. I’m a writer, self-publisher, and coach. I’m happily married and am living the dream!

A certified Microsoft Word expert, I have helped many businesses and people along the way; maybe I can help you too? If so, get in touch.

Microsoft Office Specialist Word Expert
Feel free to get in touch.

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