Month: August 2016

CreateSpace Submission Issues – They Get It Wrong You Know?

Of course they get it wrong…they’re only human after all. The problem is though, the first time I encountered this message from CreateSpace, where they’re telling me that my pagination is wrong – even numbered pages appearing on the right-hand, recto page, instead of on the left-hand, verso page – you have to go back and investigate it thoroughly. They are the experts – right? Mmmm…maybe! In fact, some of them might be, but when you factor in human error, issues and irregularities do occur. If you’re confident in your own work, then it’s easy to resolve. But, where...

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1-Click Book Creation Trim Sizes

If you’re new to self-publishing, then you might be curious as to what I mean by 1-Click Book Creation Trim Sizes. Well, a trim size is the size of the book after it’s been printed out, cut, and bound – it’s what you hold in your hand when you start reading a book. Before I move onto what trim sizes 1-Click Book Creation has built-in, a little about why I created the app… After many months of wracking my brains trying to think of an idea to create something useful. for writers, I released my first piece of writing software...

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Certified Microsoft Word Expert

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