Month: September 2016

1-Click Coloring Books Addition to 1CBC

Despite a lot of ‘life’ going on in the background and a list of things to do twice as long as my arm, I’ve resolved to roll-out the 1-Click Coloring book (1-Click Colouring Book) addition to 1-Click Book Creation. If you’ve seen the posts a few months ago, I was going to create a new app called 1-Click Coloring Books. In fact, I tell a lie, I did create that app; it’s just a couple of weeks ago, following an email from someone interested in purchasing 1-Click Book Creation, I decided to incorporate the 2. As you know, I always like to reward my loyal customers so, as with previous updates, this one will be free also to those who have 1CBC Pro or Pro client. 1-Click Coloring Books is Only Stage II Just so you know, I do have other plans for 1CBC – I want to add journals, calendars, that kind of thing – and, if it’s possible, plan to add them to 1-Click Book Creation in a similar way rather than build a whole new app each time. This will be more beneficial in the future, not least because I don’t have to run and maintain many different apps, but I can also save renewal fees on domain names (that’s a joke, BTW :D). Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time modifying the original...

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Keep With Next (or Controlling Wayward Headings)

We’re going to look at wayward headings in this topic. As the title suggests, in Microsoft parlance, this means (or is termed) ‘Keep with Next’. This small 3-word phrase, effectively, does what it says on the tin, it keeps the paragraph to which you apply it with the next one, i.e. it won’t let a page break come between them and separate them to the far-flung corners of the w…next page. I’m sure you’ve seen documents/pdf’s distributed where, sitting lonely at the bottom of the page is a heading, and the text that it heads, is on the next...

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1-Click Coloring Books is in Test Mode…

I received a email today from someone asking me if 1-Click Book Creation would be suitable for creating coloring books, journals, and that kind of thing. Absolutely, says I. It’s good for pretty much anything book-related and, can be adapted as you see fit. However, that email was also the catalyst for me to pull my finger-out with regards to 1-Click Coloring Books, a new app I have lined-up. Now, before all you lovely fellow Brits beat on me for my spelling, I know it’s colouring and not coloring, but I’m appealing to my main market and SEO, that kind of thing. So, coloring books it is. I did initially start creating 1-Click Coloring Books as a totally new application, but decided this morning to incorporate it into 1-Click Book Creation for now. Yes, I might develop it as a separate app at a later stage, but I’ve sat on this for a little too long for it to remain comfortable. So, what is 1-Click Coloring Books? Well (and despite what Conrad says about ‘1-click’ on the sales page of 1-Click Email Marketing), once you’ve entered your book details, 1-click and your coloring book is created. Yes, you do have to do some tidying up, but we’re publishing a book… you have to give your readers the best experience possible and with any book, let alone those where images need to...

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