Month: January 2017

Word Words on Facebook

Hi, welcome to Word Words. This is my new site created recently and, if you want to come across and join us on Facebook. The Word Words Group In the Word Words group, a group especially for authors, for writers, for Microsoft Word (but really anything to do with the written word), we talk about using MS Word for writing, about writing in general and, further down the road, will help, support, and encourage other members: Facebook is good for somethings, and this kind of thing especially; so, if you’d like to get involved, then click on the image...

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Don’t Let CreateSpace Reject Your Manuscript

If you’ve ever tried to publish a book with CreateSpace, the chances are your manuscript was rejected by them at least once during the book submission process. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, as it happens to everyone. The problem is it does get frustrating (and annoying) when it keeps happening. Even more so when you’re 100% sure you’ve got it right and want to get your book onto Amazon and see those lovely royalties coming in. If you know me, you know I love Microsoft Word. Yes, I said it. I love Word! I do realise that...

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Certified Microsoft Word Expert

My Portfolio

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