Month: April 2017

Master and Sub-documents in Microsoft Word

I sent out an email yesterday following a comment about Open Office on my 1-Click Book Creation Facebook page, and have received a couple of additional comments back. I won’t reiterate them here (click here to check out the post if you want to – if you haven’t liked the page, it would be good if you could), but one topic that was briefly mentioned was Microsoft Word’s master and sub-documents functionality. Microsoft Word’s Master and Sub-documents Functions If you’re unfamiliar with these, it’s a collaboration tool within Microsoft Word which allows you to setup a ‘master’ document, and...

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Microsoft Word Video Training for Book Publishing

Have you ever taken a Microsoft Word Video Training for Book Publishing course? Perhaps you’re looking at other options? If you are, and it’s with self-publishing using Microsoft Word then there are a number of ways you can approach this. First, you can try and learn Microsoft Word yourself – admittedly, though, that’s probably the slowest way to go about it. Naturally, it all depends on your level of ability (and only you can gauge that), but self-publishing a book is a bit more complex than, say, creating a report or a letter using MS Word. Second, you can...

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Microsoft Word – Convert and Format with 1-Click Book Creation

Create, Format, and You’re Ready to Self-publish in Under 1 Minute… There will come a time when I’ll write a blog post and it won’t contain one single mention of Word styles. However, this isn’t one of them. I won’t harp on [again], about their importance (because, hopefully I’ve already made my point where they’re concerned), but they really do make our lives so much easier. I’ve been wanting to implement some form of automated conversion and formatting procedure into my 1-Click Book Creation app for a time, and last week finally had the opportunity to do so. Initially,...

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Certified Microsoft Word Expert

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