Month: July 2017

Confidential Client

Russ is a highly competent expert in technical editing and copywriting. Russ was able to work as a seamless extension to our business analysis and software development team to craft and update detailed design documents and analysis documents. His experience and expertise improved not only the documents but also our team’s skills and capabilities by showing us new and improved ways of crafting and editing documents. As an added benefit, Russ works/lives in a different time zone which allowed our team to provide him documents at the end of a day and receive them back from Russ when we arrived to the office in the morning. I and our entire team, wholehearted endorse Russ and his excellent work. We will definitely engage him again in the future....

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Amazon, Print-On-Demand, and Quality

It would appear that a lot is happening with Amazon, print-on-demand, and quality. (3 things which always get my ears twitching!) It seems that CreateSpace are introducing a ‘No more custom barcodes’ policy. The following article says it’s because of printing errors and related issues (click here to read: Not that it’s a problem, of course, but when you’ve forked out money for your own software, as I have, it comes as a wee bit of a blow. But, never mind, it’s progress – of a sorts. At least where CreateSpace are concerned. I think. But then I’m...

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Dan Opyd, Owner, Datanet

Russ was a perfect resource for developing a fairly technical and complicated application training guide. The customer for whom we were doing the work changed emphasis mid-project, but the work Russ did is exemplary and we will be able to leverage both the content and the layout to great advantage going forward. Being in vastly different time zones was not a problem for us, and he always provided the expected work in a reasonable time. He asked questions when needed and provided frequent updates to make sure neither of us were going in the wrong direction. He is a very high-caliber resource whom we hope to work with again. Dan Opyd, Owner,...

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Certified Microsoft Word Expert

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