A Beginner’s Guide to Buddhism will show that happiness is here, if you just know where to find it.

It’s around you; it’s in you.

To forge your path to a meaningful life, you must live in the present. It requires you to put the past behind you, to stop thinking or worrying about it; and to do the same with the future. Be here, now. Your happiness is here, so take the right path, right now.

Many think that this either impossible or at the very least, extremely difficult.

A Beginner's Guide to Buddhism - The Emerald Buddha, Wat Pra Gaeeo, Bangkok, Thailand

It isn’t, and A Beginner’s Guide to Buddhism can help you.

It’s a sign of the modern day that too many venture on the wrong path, always seeking out the next opportunity, that next inexplicable hope, that item that will shortcut or fire them to instant satisfaction and happiness.

Sadly, because true happiness is inside us and that will never work.

Because true happiness and fulfilment is within each and every one of us

And this is where A Beginner’s Guide to Buddhism can, and will, help you.

About the Author

A Beginner’s Guide to Buddhism is written by my wife, Duangta, a life-long practitioner of Buddhism.

Her father has been an ordained Buddhist monk for over 14 years and, in this book, she talks about many aspects of Buddhism to help the beginner to understand it’s origins and essence.

One important factor about Buddhism that many are unaware of is that you don’t have to be a Buddhist to follow some of its practices. Indeed, as the Dalai Lama says,

“Don’t use Buddhism to become a Buddhist. Use Buddhism to
become better at whatever else in your life you are doing

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