Quest – Quick, Easy, Simple Thai

Quest: Quick, Easy, Simple Thai

Quest is the name of our system for teaching English speakers to learn Thai, Quest is an acronym which stands for Quick, Easy, Simple Thai.

Learning a language like Thai, with it’s unfamiliar script, is a daunting prospect for many.

When you also consider there are 44 consonants and 32 vowels, this puts the Roman alphabet into a much different category, especially when you realise that there is no A, B, C… equivalent, that you need to learn consonants and vowels separately, there are not that many similarities between the way the shapes are written, and you have to factor in things like the class of the consonant, the different tones (Thai is a tonal language), and that vowels can be written in front of, above, behind, and below consonants, it gets even more so.

But, Quest makes it easy.


Well, we devised a colour-code and a means of learning and remembering these elements which makes it quick, easy, and – ultimately – simple for you.

The advantage which Quest has over other material available is:

  • it is a single system: this means one you’re up to speed with ours (and which only takes a few minutes) you never have to learn another one.
  • it is end-to-end: you can start as a beginner and we take you all the way through to reading Thai script
  • you don’t need any other system
  • you can learn at your own pace
  • we have interactive learning as well
  • we’re only ever an email away.

So, this is why Quest is the system you need.

Quest consists of 4 books and 2 applications:

  • Volume 1 – Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure (click here to view – opens new website)
  • Volume 2 – Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure (click here)
  • Volume 3 – The Perfect Thai Phrasebook (click here)
  • Volume 4 – How To Read Thai (click here)
  • The Learn Thai Alphabet application (click here)
  • The Learn Thai Numbers application (click here)

The apps are web-based as well as being downloadable for use on the iPad (2+)