The Learn Thai Alphabet application’s history goes [way] back to 2012, when we wrote and published our second book, Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure on CreateSpace and Kindle. Initially, its title was Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure, but sales weren’t so great so we added a keyword string that people actually searched for to the title.

Also at that time, I dusted off my old Adobe Flash skills and tried to create a web app to do the very same thing – I failed miserably. Flash had changed so much since the ‘Macromedia Flash’ days when I first started using it (long before Adobe bought them out), that I didn’t have a clue.

However, my inability to do something didn’t put a stop to my plans, so I hired someone on oDesk. He let me down and it was an eye-opener into not only how to manage online projects, but online people as well.

So, I hired again. My next hire delivered, something where the app functionality worked, but the login didn’t. After 3 failures (my own and 2 hires), I wondered if it’d ever get off the ground.

The Learn Thai Alphabet application - testing consonant classes

Articulate Storyline and the Learn Thai Alphabet Application

Fast forward a month or so and I stumbled across Articulate Storyline. A great product which would do exactly what I wanted. Even though the trial version at the time kept crashing, I decided to make a leap of faith and despite the hefty license fee ($<2k), I purchased it.

It could do exactly what I wanted and I was hooked!

The Learn Thai Alphabet application - testing other items

Don’t get me wrong, the learning curve for Articulate Storyline was quite severe, there were many hiccups and false trails on the journey, but in the end, The Learn Thai Alphabet application was ready.

Click on the image below to see the trial version in action:

Try out the Learn Thai Alphabet application

Note: this app just covers a few of the Middle Class consonants, a few simple vowels and sounds, quizzes, and so forth. The full version has it all.

The Learn Thai Alphabet Application is a Part of Our Quest System for Learning Thai

Quest: Quick, Easy, Simple Thai, is  our system for teaching English speakers to learn the beautiful Thai language.

Unlike other methods of learning Thai, Quest is a single system for learning Thai. It incorporates 4 books and 2 apps, and means you don’t have to waste time and mess about learning other transliteration systems (there are 12 in use in Thailand). Doing it this way is so confusing and can set you back every time you get a new book.

With Quest, you learn our system once (it won’t take you more than 30 or so minutes) and then you’re good to go – all the way through to learning to read Thai.

If you’re interested, then you can check it out by clicking here (opens in new tab); or you can buy it direct by clicking on the image below:

Just $97

We also have some FREE Learn Thai alphabet flashcards…

Free Learn Thai Alphabet Flashcards

We also have some free flashcards that you can download (pdf), print out, then cut up and use. Click here to get the flashcards.