When you compare the English alphabet (21 consonants and 5 vowels), to the Thai alphabet (44 consonants and 32 vowels) learning it can be seen as either too daunting or as an extreme challenge – our book Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids To Your Great Adventure makes it simple!

The thing is, when you appreciate that though English only has 5 vowels, it has many more vowel sounds – about 20 or so actually, depending on whether you’re talking about what is termed British English, rather than other variations – it evens the balance up a bit, and doesn’t appear quite so daunting.

As for those 21 consonants ‘we’ have, well they make 24 sounds…still not as much as the 44 in the Thai language, but 2 of the Thai consonants are no longer used – they’re what is termed obsolete*.

Still a difference, but narrowing the gap.

Yet, despite all of this, you still have to make the effort.

I tried lots of different ways to learn the alphabet: made my own flashcards, bought some commercial ones (I still have them), tried writing them out in tables, and so many more methods. None worked.

I’ve documented elsewhere how I cracked the code, and the result was Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure. The title was later changed to Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure (for a greater chance of turning up in searches) and, with the exception of my wife, Duangta’s, A Beginner’s Guide to Buddhism, is our all-time best seller.

With the exception of the Learn Thai Alphabet application, it is the fastest way to learn the Thai alphabet.

Check out inside the book (click on the brown button to view in full screen):

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The Learn Thai Alphabet Song

* I can neither remember nor find the source for this, but I do recall reading somewhere that the reason why these 2 obsolete consonants haven’t been withdrawn or removed from the Thai alphabet because to do so would require rewriting the Thai alphabet song (this is unconfirmed and, if I’m wrong, please correct me).

This song is taught to Thai children from a very young age to help them learn the Thai alphabet: millions of Thais will tell you its very effective. Understandably, it’s difficult for foreigners (this author couldn’t learn the alphabet this way, I tried though), or, I guess, those late to the language. See for yourself:

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Learn Thai Alphabet Flashcards

Learn Thai alphabet flashcards


If you’re interested in learning the Thai alphabet, we have some free flashcards you can download, print out, cut up and use to help you practice learning the Thai alphabet. Click here to go to the download page.