If you’re either visiting the Land of Smiles in the near future or you want a really great resource to learn Thai with, then The Perfect Thai Phrasebook is exactly what its title suggests.

Packed with the eveyday phrases that actual Thai use, our phrasebook is the key that will unlock your magical trip to Thailand.

First of all, if you want to speak Thai, then you actually need to get out there and practice, and this is what makes our book such a treasure.

I don’t know whether you’ve seen those phrasebooks which are packed with font so small that you need a microscope to read it. Sure they have lots of phrases, but do you really need all of that?

Wouldn’t it be better if it was readable?

Well ours is.

Take a Look Inside The Perfect Thai Phrasebook

Click on the brown button to view the book in full-screen:

I don’t know whether you noticed, but the Thai script was written with a similar sized font to the English text.
We did that for 2 main reasons:
First, we want to make it easy for Thais to find the necessary item quickly and point to if you ask them a question and/or need assistance of some kind.
Second, after you realise how great Thailand is you’ll be planning to come back. There’s also a greater than average chance that you’ve made a commitment of sorts to learning the language. If you do so, your next visit will sky rocket to a whole new level if you can speak some Thai.
Then, on subsequent visits, as your Thai language skills improve, you might want to learn how to read the Thai script…
…now you’ve not only got a simple little phrasebook, but you’ve got so much more. A veritable learning tomb where (if you want to) you can see and read all the Thai letters, examine grammar, sentence structure, and take it exactly as far as you want.
See, we told you it was more than just a phrasebook.

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  • 104-page, pdf ebook (requires pdf reader)
  • Start talking Thai today
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Learn Thai Alphabet Flashcards

Learn Thai alphabet flashcards

If you’re interested in learning the Thai alphabet, we have some free flashcards you can download, print out, cut up and use to help you practice learning the Thai alphabet. Click here to go to the download page.