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The prices for ebooks and print books starts at the same level, but differ thereafter. This is for a number of reasons, not least because you may want chapter titles in your headers (aka ‘running heads’) but these are non-existent on the Kindle. However, the starting prices for fiction and non-fiction vary, as fiction is easier to create and format (it’s less intricate).

My prices are very competitive and, bear in mind, that even if your manuscript’s in a Notepad text file, I can turn it into something magical in Word.

1-Click Book Creation

However, if you’re going to be creating a number of novels yourself, and you use Word (on the pc), I’d seriously recommend you consider checking out 1-Click Book Creation, as it really is the most cost-effective way for you to do what you’re looking at me doing for you.

Before I come onto the services that I offer, let me just answer a question that I get asked. (A lot.)

How long to format my book?

I see it too often on Upwork and do get asked myself “How much (or how long) to format my book?” and the only true answer is “It depends“.

Please understand that there are vast differences between a 200-page novel and a 185-page academic paper with figures, equations, graphs, other charts, and academic-type numbering.

When you also factor in that your book might need ‘special’ requirements such as the chapter must always begin on an odd-numbered page (or even have a new section page followed by a blank page then followed by the 1st chapter in that section) then in Word this requires setting up. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t necessarily difficult to do, it’s just the way Word’s designed there can be knock-on effects to the rest of the document, so you have to be diligent. As a professional Word user and bok-formatter, I often need to check, double and even triple-check that all’s okay before I can hand your book back.

Furthermore, and again this is in the way Word works, there are certain things that you quite positively cannot do until the book is 100% finished; this is often by design, but attempting to do them earlier is fruitless. So, to reiterate the answer to the question of how long… “It depends…”

Holy Cow!

When I applied for a book formatting job, I created a sample book as part of the application process (and I rarely work for free – that’s the first time in a looong time I’ve done that) and also recorded a video explaining what I’d done in Word. This was the client’s immediate response:


Anyway, I’ve outlined most of the things I need to think about when someone contacts me in the form below. This isn’t the full list, and it’s by no means set-in-stone. Very often, you’ll fall between the lines and we can work it out. Just get in touch and we can take it from there.

Russ’ Microsoft Word Book Formatting Services Preliminary Quote

I’ve decided to structure my book formatting services in a new way. Essentially, it’s either you do the work or I do it (no surprises there then!).

These are the options I’ve worked out:

  • You do the work with a flat template (coming soon) – by flat I mean no macros or anything: a straightforward Word template, much in the same way as the ones you get from CreateSpace.
  • You do it with 1-Click Book Creation
  • Then, you get either my book or my video training to help you.
  • I do it with 1CBC
  • I do it with 1CBC and record a video of how I do it, with me talking through the entire process.
  • I do it live, with you, on a Skype call with screen share (serious learners only though)

So, let me explain…

If you do the work…

Yes, I know it’s Russ’ Microsoft Word Book Formatting Services, but if you want to do the work, I can provide either a flat format Word template for whatever book size you need (this is the cheapest option). The next cheapest option is to buy 1-Click Book Creation. This is a little more expensive but given that you can create any one of the 18 trim sizes that CreateSpace allows, it’s like an 18-in-1 template. Both of these come with instructions to get you going.

Of course, if you want the full monty to help you along your self-publishing journey, then you can get my book (as pdf, on CreateSpace, or on Kindle) or get the video training I’ve done which shows you what to do (most expensive).Or,

The alternative is I do the work.Or,

If I do the work…

If I do the work, the cheapest option is I do it as I’ve always done it, using 1-Click Book Creation (I use this for pretty much all my Word work).

The next option is I can record a screen video of the entire process of creating, formatting, and readying your book for publishing. This way you can see how I do it, how I work with Word, and how easy book publishing can be.

Then, and this is the most expensive option, and this if for only those who really want to learn how to do it, who want to see how to work with Word, craft out your book, see how it’s done, ask questions every step of the way, and see how a Word expert with 22-years’ experience does it.

We book the time. We jump on a Skype call and I share my screen with you. I then talk you through what I’m going to do, how I approach these books, how I work out what I need to do.

We do this live. You ask questions. You get clarification on anything you’re unclear on. You get me for an entire day.

I show you how I evaluate your Word document (your manuscript), then I develop my Word template based on what’s needed.

All of this is live.

Of course, when doing it this way, the pressure is on me to perform.

Depending on the book size and requirements, this will take me hours to do – it’s also my most expensive book formatting service. It’s live training.

But, if you want to learn how to do this yourself, there is no better way.

In terms of recuperating your costs, you could easily do this within a month or so (4 or 5 books, quite easily).

Note, because of the cost, I will accept up to 4 people on a single call. However, if there’s more than 1 person, rather than using Skype, we will use webinar software and questions are via type-chat otherwise answering questions may be too time-consuming and the job might not get done in the given time.

The Difference between Fiction and Non-fiction (not including the obvious)

When I’m talking about the differences, this is purely from a formatting and publishing perspective. All editing and proofreading should eb done before it comes to me. I need the finished book. If it isn’t finished, then there’s little point in me doing it.

So, with that out of the way…A fiction book is pretty easy to format in Word, it just takes time (the same with all works, of course).

Non-fiction takes longer because there’s a different level of complexity here: you need a workings table of contents, a table of figures (maybe), a table of tables (some do), images with captions, tables with captions, graphs with captions, running heads (fiction books have these also), chapter numbering, chapters beginning on an odd-numbered page, drop capitals, other non-usual formatting, etc. There’s a huge list of things you can do and, with non-fiction books, rarely are 2 alike.

So, with that in mind, the prices start as follows: $75 for fiction books and $125 for non-fiction.

You will need to provide me with a word-processed manuscript that I can build from. You also need to include the meta-data for the book (title, subtitle, author name, publisher name, publisher city, ISBN number, etc., and any cover artwork required): I will then format it in MS Word and return a formatted MS Word copy, a pdf copy, as well as versions in mobi (for KDP) and in epub (for other platforms).

The general fees are going to be as follows (this isn’t hard and fast, though, as many books fall between the lines here – it’s just guidelines about what I need to think about and the length of time it takes).

If there’s any doubt, or you’re quite simply unsure of what you want, just Contact me; we can then schedule an informal chat and I can advise on what I think would be the best way to go.

My Credit in Your Book

Word-of-mouth is how I get most of my business, so you allow me the right to include my name as your book formatter (complete with email address/link in an ebook, and email address if a print book) in your book. This is already covered in the above fees; however, should you wish for my credit to be removed, then be advised that a $100 non-credit fee will be required (it’s built into the form below).

 Procedure After I Receive Your Quote

After you’ve sent your request to me, I will contact you if I have any questions and, once all is agreed, can confirm payment amount. You can then Paypal me the amount and I will then start work as agreed.

Online Work

I do work online through agencies (Upwork being the main one), including Microsoft Word book formatting services (I’ve done quite a few there, actually). So if you’re registered on there, then I’m easy to find. Here’s the link to my profile and portfolio:

Russ on Upwork

Microsoft Word Book Formatting Services from a 22-year Word expert


If you do think I can help you out, then please contact me. All private work can deduct 20% off the Upwork rate (this is their fee for new jobs with new clients).

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