Feedback from clients and customers:

[endorsement photo=”” cite=”Nick Miller” byline=”Blue Water Shell”]Russ is a consummate professional and has assisted me in completing an Occupational Health and Safety system that was not only accepted by the regulators, but recommended to other companies by the regulator as an example of good practice. It doesn’t get better than that![/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Paul Evans byline=”Excite Creative”] Russ was absolutely fantastic to work with! He explained things to me that I wasn’t quite sure about and the quality of his work was second-to-none. I’ve never “met” anyone who is this much of a whizz with MS Word. There were things I was confident that couldn’t be done… and Russ did them quickly and accurately. Thanks again Russ… I hope to be able to send more work your way in the near future.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”William Sutherland byline=”Kennedy Sutherland LLP”]Russ was great. Will be sending him additional work very soon.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Todd Mobley” byline=”Principal”]Russ was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and professional, he’s experienced enough to understand just what our needs were. He went above and beyond by producing instructional videos for my staff. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Russ, in fact I intend to if I need any miscellaneous follow-up work as we implement the templates and documents he developed for us.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Nina Hershberger” byline=”Megabucks Marketing”]I have used multiple book formatters in the past, but none of them came even close to the expertise and skill of Russ. I am 110% certain I will be hiring him again in the future. I know when I give Russ a job, it will be done correctly without my having to double check everything. I was also blown away by his shooting videos to explain some things to me. He deserves stars well beyond 5![/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Paul Evans” byline=”Excite Creative”] I gave Russ, what I would consider quite a difficult project on behalf of a client. He did it quickly, extremely accurately and used his own initiative to make things easier for my client. I will certainly be asking Russ to do more Word conversions if the work comes up. Thanks again Russ![/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Greg Stuart” byline=”CEO Mobile Marketing Association”]He was great. Fast, attentive. Best of all, knows what he is doing[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Dr. Jim Roach” byline=”EMS Specialists LLC”]Russ is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I Recommend highly![/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Jan Kampmann” byline=””]Yet another job done, on time and well within budget and to a high standard. Russ, you are a joy to work with.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”h” cite=”Mike C.”]Russ over and above exceeded my expectations. His level of professionalism and communication was second to none. Not to forget he was super efficient on turn around as well. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough![/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Cametra Edwards” byline=”Beyond Co-parenting: Three Keys to Build Your Family Tribe Without the War”]Working with Russ was truly a pleasure! I appreciated his patience, insight and support in my first experience. I’m thankful that he chose to work with my project![/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Michael S”]’A wonderfully completed job with excellent attention to detail, and even an explanatory video on how some of the work was completed (learned a few new tricks myself!). Will definitely have more projects coming your way. Thanks again, Russ!'[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Gavin C” byline=”Microsoft Word Template Creation”]’Perfect experience. Professional, prompt and articulate. The tutorial videos were perfect. Will be hiring again. Thank Russ'[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Ellen Field”]Russ was very responsive and helped me sort through some formatting issues for my PhD dissertation. My timeline changed and Russ was able to work with my timeline and make my thesis look great! I would highly recommend working with Russ – especially for formatting more complex documents.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Dwight Shawrod Riddick, II” byline=”Dealing with Delay”]’Russ was excellent to work with. He not only completed the job in a timely fashion, but he went over and beyond by providing detailed explanations of how he did the job. He reached out to communicate via skype to ensure my comfort with the end deliverable. He is definitely work considering for your next project.’ ([/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Bret Boscaccy”]Well worth the money. Russ sent a video showing me exactly what he was doing to my document. He taught me more in that ten minutes than I learned poking around on the internet for hours. Russ is super fast and knows it all.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Salvadore Poe” byline=”Liberation IS”]This was my first book, and I needed it to be formatted for print and Kindle version, etc. Since it was my first I had a lot of questions about the formatting and also how to release it. Russ was very knowledgeable and able to answer my questions and was happy to accommodate me in that. His work was timely and excellent and small changes I required were responded to quickly. Overall I am very pleased having worked with him and would definitely do so again. ([/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Kelly Player”]Extremely high level of expertise and customer service.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Kelly Player”]Top quality work! Russ is an MS Word master. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Russ sets the bar extremely high. Excellent work.[/endorsement] [endorsement cite=”Client asked to remain confidential” byline=”Help us redesign our proposal template (Microsoft Word Document)”]As we launched a new brand, we needed a Microsoft Word consultant to create a new proposal document and delivery document template. Russ was extremely professional, communicating timelines and best practices via video – so we could be a part of his process and learn from it. He was also very patient and informative as we worked with him to figure out which word styles we needed in our proposal/delivery document templates. I would recommend Russ to anyone in need of a detail oriented, passionate word specialist.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”David D” byline=”IT Proposal Template Design in Microsoft Word”]’Russ completed the proposal template really quickly and was very helpful with providing instructions on how to use the template. Quality was very good and was happy to make some tweaks based on feedback. Highly recommended.'[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Gavin Cheeseman” byline=”Word Template Creation”]Russ was very professional and completed the job, to produce a designed word template, literally within 24 hours! He also supplied a video (sharing his screen) talking me through how he created the template, and tips on how I could adjust things if I required. He exceeded all expectations, I would definitely hire Russ again.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Stephen Burgess” byline=”Create word template from supplied document”]Russ REALLy knows his stuff. He took a job that was causing us some pain and completed it with an explanatory video. Excellent result.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Jan Kampmann” byline=””]Fantastic experience. I think that says everything. Looking forward to the next time. Thanks Russ.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Glenn Schweitzer” byline=”Mind Over Meniere’s: How I Conquered Meniere’s Disease and Learned to Thrive”]’Russ communicated very quickly and finished the job very fast! He also provided some helpful resources for me to learn how to avoid the errors in the future. I cannot recommend Russ enough!’ ([/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Beverlee Rasmussen” byline=”Operations Manual Template Developer”]’If you want it done right then hire Russ.'[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Brendon Davenport” byline=””]Yet another successful Job Completed. Russ is a great resource that i can always rely on to provide exceptional work and advice to guide a project to successful completion. Thanks Russ[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Spencer Cox” byline=””]Job was time sensitive and Russ nailed it. It’s nice to have professional contractors, like Russ, on here that you can rely on. While not the lowest rate applicant, I’m confident he offered us the best value for the task at hand.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Nicole” byline=”Custom proposal template needed”]’Russ is very sincere, hardworking and dedicated to making sure your project goes as well as possible. His Microsoft Word skills are quite impressive. I am very grateful that he was able to help me build out a difficult Word template within a very tight deadline. I would highly recommend him and definitely hire him again next time I need Microsoft Word help.'[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Joseph Flannery” byline=”Microsoft Word Resume Template”]Russ was great to work with! We’ll use him again when we need more MS Word work[/endorsement] [endorsement cite=”Emmanuel Siegel ” byline=”Microsoft Word Expert Needed for Letterhead Templates”]Russ was amazing to work with and gave step by step video instructions for the templates he provided. Amazing work. Thank you![/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Brendon Davenport” byline=””]Yet again Russ has delivered exceptional work and assisted in the development of valuable procedures and documents for the company. His insight and knowledge has been invaluable in assisting our company to move forward. He is highly regarded within our organisation and we have no hesitation in recommending his services. Thanks again Russ[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”James Clary” byline=””]Russ was outstanding to work with. He got right back to me, and completed the project within a few hours. The work was exactly what I wanted. I look forward to working with him again.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Alice Chiew” byline=”Microsoft Word – a piece of cake?”]The initial piece of work was small with a VERY short deadline. Russ took it on, and produced a very good first stage that got us out of a tight jam. We extended the job and Russ completed the rest of the work on time and within budget – and provided extra tips and instructions to help my team use his work easily. I would recommend him without hesitation for this kind of work again.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Alex Apostolou” byline=””]Russ was perfect for the task (and perfect for most tasks, I’d imagine). He is creative, takes the initiative, writes with the right voice, illustrates appropriately, delivers what and when he promises, and even lets you know when he’s not going to be available. I’ll re-hire him once we get our next deliverable together, but in the meantime, if you need someone with Russ’ skills, we can’t recommend him highly enough.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Roger Heijsters” byline=””]Amazing communication, including video explanations with changes made. Works fast and comes up with great suggestions for improvement. Would definitely hire again![/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Craig Coffey” byline=””]Outstanding skills with an extremely impressive approach to the task at hand. Russ’s communication and availability also exceeded my expectations. I will most definitely be using Russ again![/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Nicholas Miller” byline=”Blue Water Shell”]Russ did the work on this contract in a highly professional manner and was thorough and on time.  This was not a standard job and required a lot of self education to get an understanding of what was needed. Russ researched and learned all that he needed to know and provided relevant and concise documents.  I thank him for his help and highly recommend to any potential clients.   If you use Russ for a contract you will not be disappointed.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Mike Handley” byline=”Word doc templates from ai files pdfs and pngs”]Super skills, great communication, determination and problem solving. Would recommend.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Jeff Auerbach” byline=””](IT Proposal Re-design and clean up) Excellent work! Very thorough. Would work with him again[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Cheryl Griffiths” byline=””]Russ was marvelous to work with. Responsive, helpful, knowledgeable, with quick turn around times. We look forward to working with Russ again.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Dan Opyd” byline=””]Russ was a perfect resource for developing a fairly technical and complicated application training guide. The customer for whom we were doing the work changed emphasis mid-project, but the work Russ did is exemplary and we will be able to leverage both the content and the layout to great advantage going forward. Being in vastly different time zones was not a problem for us, and he always provided the expected work in a reasonable time. He asked questions when needed and provided frequent updates to make sure neither of us were going in the wrong direction. He is a very high-caliber resource whom we hope to work with again.[/endorsement] [endorsement photo=”” cite=”Brendon Davenport” byline=””]It was great to work with Russ and will definitely be working with him again. Very knowledgeable, and during the job he taught me a thing or 3 ! Exceptional eye to detail. Very skilled with Microsoft Word and Adobe which was used on the project. Exceptional literacy skills. Very Knowledgeable and experienced in regards to Quality Management and structure. Assisted in guiding the project to completion, and suggested pivotal improvements. 10 out of 10 – Very impressed.[/endorsement]